A Good Day and a Bad One

As one of my resolutions to myself as a college graduate in her final countdown of living in DC, I have decided every weekend to have at least one DC adventure. Either going to a museum or event, but something unique and fun I may soon not be able to do on a whim anymore.

This weekend’s choice was Fiesta de los Reyes Magos (Three Kings Festival aka Epiphany) in Columbia Heights. It was awesome. My friends Arthur and Brittany came along for the ride. And it was such a ride!

We went into GALA Theatre (Hispanic theater company!) around 12:15 because the free tickets for the event were being given out starting at 12:30. And there was already a line curving around two flights of stairs! We got our tickets, dropped off our toy donations and then headed outside. Since the posada (procession) did not start until 1:30, we realized we had time to kill. So we went to Sticky Fingers and got some delicious vegan brunch and sat in the plaza area of Columbia Heights noshing.

We noticed a place called “The Museum of Unnatural History” so we stepped in wondering what it could be. It turns out it’s the DC branch of 826, Dave Eggers’ writing and tutoring center for school children. Each branch has a storefront to it with a different theme, because when Eggers opened the original in San Francisco, he was told he couldn’t start a tutoring center in a retail zone, so he opened a store and ran the tutoring center in the back. It was pretty cool, and sold fun things like jelly beans marked as “Fang Supplements”. I’ve actually just put in an application to volunteer there.

Brittany, Arthur and I headed back outside: the animals were arriving! Part of the reason I wanted to go to this fiesta is because they’d have LIVE ANIMALS. Goats! Sheep! Cows! Said hello to said animals, saw the three kings walking around, then we headed inside to the theater to get our seats. And holy smokes was it CROWDED. It was beyond standing room only it was to the rafters filled only for room!

The program for the event was quite lovely. There were musicians, dancers and the three kings told the story of different Epiphany celebrations in Latin American countries (by the way almost everything was in Spanish at the event so fun times) and this strange dance number that was like bhangra but Hispanic. All in all, great! At the end all of the toys donated were brought on stage so the children (there were tons) could get a gift from the kings.

Trombones be trommin’.

Little kids dancing with swords and funny hats.

Swirly dresses! WHOOSH.

Ewww you have cooties; no you do! Or however that’s said in Spanish.

Hey Kings. You totally didn’t know your lines.


At the very end they had CHURROS and hot chocolate. So epic! Then Brittany, Arthur and I drove home and made plans to have dinner at my place.

Laura came home from break a bit later, and I told her Arthur and I were going in his car to the grocery store. She practically tackled me she was so happy, so we all went to the Swank Safeway and bought groceries, then came home and I made DELICIOUS chickpeas and carrots couscous thing and we had a lovely meal. It was a good night!

SOOOOO GOOD! Ask Laura or Arthur or Brittany.

Then today was not so good a day. The internship I wanted with the British Council I didn’t get. I realize I’m in DC with tons of people who are insanely qualified, so hey, they found someone better. But I would have loved to work there, especially with this program that deals with Muslim-Western relations. It’s always a bummer when you’re told you were good but not good enough. So now I’m going through plans B and C and hoping for a positive solution. Not going to be brought down to my knees because of this!


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On the Horizon

Word, Tony, word.

Something’s coming, something good (I certainly hope so anyway.)

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Tonight’s Dinner

Miso Soup with Sesame Cucumber Salad. Channeling the Far East for a delicious feast. Image

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A New Year. New opportunities.

The thing with resolutions is that they don’t just happen at the New Year (a happy one to you, by the way). Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves and occur constantly. “Today I’ll go to the store.” “This month I’ll read at least 3 books.” “I’m going to write this paper not the night before it’s due.” We also frequently break our resolutions, but by and large do not feel too much remorse (except on that last one, in which case, yes, you probably are very upset with yourself for waiting until the last minute).

Why is it, then, that new year’s resolutions are much more weighted? Why do we feel that when we break these resolutions we are letting not only ourselves down but everyone else too? The most obvious answer is because a new year is the beginning of new opportunities.  The old year is gone, the past is behind us, let all be forgotten and look forward to improving ourselves and our lives in the new year.  I feel as though we’re selling ourselves short, however.   Each day is the beginning of a new year, from that point one year ago. So while today may be a new year from January 1, 2012 , tomorrow will be the beginning of a whole new year from January 2, 2012.  The new year should not be the only time our promises to ourselves have the most weight. It should be every day. Every promise. Be a person of your words, become a person of action. Start with yourself and soon you’re words and actions will affect others too.

With that, I’m starting this blog over again on January 1, 2012, in addition to a whole bunch of other resolutions, because I do love symmetry. And as I begin my first calendar year as a graduated college student, what better time to reassess my life and find out what I can do to make me happier?

So here’s to you, 2012: the year of possibilities, every single day.

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And it was all








[A Final Project for Visual Literacy]

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